Three years for speedster

A MAN who was caught driving an hour after losing his licence for speeding at 207km/h was banned from driving for three years in Grafton Local Court.

Robert Lachlan Hallcroft, 33, of Merrylands, was clocked doing more than twice the speed limit on the Pacific Highway on April 19 last year.

Hallcroft was on his way back to Sydney about 2.45am when police travelling north at Harwood Island clocked him travelling at high speed.

In a statement submitted with court documents, police said Hallcroft braked so heavily after spotting their car that it caused the back of his white Ford XR8 to lift and its headlights dip.

Seemingly aware he had been caught driving over the speed lim- it, Hallcroft stopped his car several hundred metres down the highway past the Chatsworth Road intersection and waited for the police to catch up with him.

In their statement, police said a crackling noise was coming from Hallcroft's car and the acrid smell of burning oil or rubber was evident as they checked his licence details.

Hallcroft's apology for driving so fast did not stop police immediately suspending his licence and issuing a court notice.

Police told Hallcroft he was banned from driving any further and offered to contact someone for him.

The offer was refused and Hallcroft was left by the side of the highway to make his own arrangements.

About 10 minutes later police returned to the Chatsworth Road intersection and discovered neither the XR8 or Hallcroft were there.

All patrolling vehicles in the area were alerted to be on the lookout for the vehicle.

At 3.40am Hallcroft was pulled over at the Swan Creek BP near Grafton and subsequently taken to the Grafton station to be charged for the second time that night.

Magistrate Chris Bone found him guilty of driving in a reckless manner, handing him a 12 month suspended jail sentence and a year's disqualification from driving.

He was disqualified for another two years on the suspended driving charge, rendering him ineligi- ble to drive until March, 2008.

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