Twins, twins everywhere for Fischer family

From left, Zayne and Neeve (eight months), Jordan and Isaac (10 weeks), and Breanna and Caitlyn (six months).
From left, Zayne and Neeve (eight months), Jordan and Isaac (10 weeks), and Breanna and Caitlyn (six months).


FOR A while now, Lower Clarence residents have been blaming a mysterious bug in the water for the frequency of pregnancies.

But for Maclean's Fischer family, the birth of three sets of twins within six months probably has more to do with the family's history of spawning sets of twins.

Jenny, Vanessa and Melinda Fischer, all in the latter part of 2004, gave birth to twins; Melinda's identical, and Vanessa's and Jenny's fraternal.

Jenny (nee Anderson) and Carl Fischer welcomed boy twins Jordon and Isaac into their family on December 28.

Melinda Fischer gave birth to identical girls Breanna and Caitlyn on September 7, while Vanessa (nee McLachlan) and Victor Fischer welcomed boy-girl twins Zayne and Neeve into their family on June 30.

During a well-earned break from feeding, cooking and washing this week, Jenny told The Daily Examiner there was a long history of twins in all three Fischer families.

"I think for all of us it's hereditary," she said.

"My grandfather is a twin, Melinda's grandfather was a twin, Vanessa has twins on both sides; her aunty's a twin and I think on her husband's side there's twins on the grandparent's side as well."

While some might say the new additions to the family mean double the fun, for Jenny and Vanessa, it actually means four times the merriment.

Jenny already has four-and-a-half year-old Rhys, and Luke, two.

"When they all want breakfast together it's horrible," Jenny said with a hearty laugh.

"I try and feed around the two older boys. I get them fed first, before I start with the other two, so a dummy comes in handy. It's usually very hectic."

Vanessa also is mother to four, with the twins joining her two other children Lachlan, five, and Duncan, three.

Melinda on the other hand, is a mother's-club newcomer and luckily mum and dad are there to help out.

"It was a shock at first but I'm coping now, with the help of my parents," Melinda, who is a first cousin to Carl Fischer and second cousin to Victor, said.

According to Jenny, meal times with twins means hour-long feeding sessions, with a baby on each breast, six times a day.

She said a feeding session usually involved a seat on the floor with her back supported by a boomerang cushion, surrounded by six other pillows.

"I have to feed them together because if I feed them singularly I'm feeding longer and usually the one you fed first is hungry again by the time you have finished feeding the second one," she said.

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