Valley show of support for Corby

CHRIS Covell believes a great injustice has been done.

Mrs Covell said yesterday the 20-year sentence handed down to Schapelle Corby for drug smuggling was a 'miscarriage of justice'.

That is why Mrs Covell is urging people to sign a 'show of support' for Corby.

Mrs Covell said once enough people had signed the show of support, it would be sent to the Australian Consulate in Bali to be passed on to Corby.

Mrs Covell said the support was not political, but to show Corby she had not been forgotten.

"A lot of people are making the mistake of boycotting Bali and all that, which is going to hurt her (Corby's) case," Mrs Covell said.

"That's not what we want to do. We just want to show her support because boycotting is not going to do any good."

Mrs Covell said she truly believed Corby was innocent, and that if people did not do anything to help her, she would not be able to cope with life inside a Balinese prison.

She said she hoped the signatures would give Corby hope.

"It's to let her know everyone is thinking of her ... to let her know not to lose hope," she said.

"It's just to let her know she's not alone."

Mrs Covell said people willing to help could visit Yamba Pools and Spas, located behind Betta Electrical on Treelands Drive, Yamba.

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