Valley youth fires up with bid for magazine


A NEW magazine focusing on Clarence Valley youth issues to be run by young people, for young people, could soon be a reality.

Clarence Valley Arts has submitted an application to the Area Assistance Scheme within the Communities Division of the Department of Community Services (DoCS) for funding totalling $124,790 over four years.

The funding would be put towards getting a free local youth magazine up and running in a bid to connect Clarence Valley youth and promote their issues, objectives and skills.

Through the project, the magazine would help train youth to develop an online forum and website to house the magazine.

The New School of Arts Links to learning co-ordinator, Colleen Kennedy, said the early school leavers computer class of about 10 young people aged 15-24 would put the magazine together.

"The magazine and website would be an avenue for young people to express themselves positively," Mrs Kennedy said.

Chairperson of Clarence Valley Arts Kye McPherson said the submission was lodged in August 2004. It was now up for consideration with DoCS.

He said it had got past the first stage in the application process and the outcome of the bid would be known in June.

"Everybody is really energised about this," Mr McPherson said.

He said he had previous involvement in a magazine, Youth Valley G-Spot, which ran for a year in 2000.

"This will become a full-blown professional colour magazine, run by youth for the youth," he said. "It will be saturated with culture. It has so much potential, there is no limit to what it can do."

He said if the funding grant was not successful, planners would still try to put out a magazine.

The Daily Examiner editor Peter Ellem said the newspaper would offer professional and tutorial support to the project.

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