West Yamba woes

THE proposed West Yamba development has hit another snag after the Clarence Valley Council was refused permission by the NSW Department of Planning to publicly exhibit the draft LEP.

The refusal comes after the council and the department disagreed on ecological issues concerning the rezoning of the area.

Council planning and environment director Rob Donges said the department had asked council to modify the draft before exhibiting it, something council was not prepared to do.

"They requested the riparian zone be increased to 100 metres and an area council has proposed to be rezoned as residential be maintained as environment protec- tion," he said. "Council didn't agree to those modifications and sent it back, asking the department to reconsider."

Council and the department have agreed to appoint an independent assessor to investigate the ecological issues. A department spokesman said the issues to be considered included: conservation value of the site, the impact of proposed development on fauna and flora, and whether the proposed development may fragment wildlife corridors to unsustainable levels.

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