Whale of a wait for researchers



IT COULD be more than 12 months before the Australian Museum can exhume the skull of a whale that was buried on Brooms Head Beach.

One month ago local residents discovered the 2.5 metre long skull of what was believed to be an adult humpback whale.

The skull, which had half its jaw missing, had washed up just north of the Brooms Head Caravan Park.

The Australian Museum had shown interest in the whale remains as a possible source of future scientific research.

National Parks and Wildlife Service spokesperson Lawrence Orel said the broken skull was buried by council near where it was found, the day after it was discovered on Brooms Head Beach.

"It was buried above the watermark so it was not able to be uncovered by the action of the tides, but it wasn't moved far at all," Mr Orel said.

"The Australian Museum was very interested in coming back later.

"But it takes at least eight maybe 12 months or more for the bones to be cleaned up by things in the sand that feed on animal remains."

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