Women's hockey

LAST week's round of the Westlawn Finance Women's Competition saw more action than a flock of sea-gulls in a fish and chip shop, with games being played on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Some stand-out games included McAuley Gold's 9-1 win over Grafton Primary School and Demons White 5-3 encounter with Grafton High Red.

McAuley Gold's well drilled outfit constantly peppered Grafton Primary School's defense, ably led by J Hewitt, H Hartman and B Clifford ? all scoring two goals apiece.

In a game of fluctuating attack and defense against Grafton High Red, Demons White came away eventual winners courtesy of some great work up front from D Forest, R Richie and K Grayson.

nONE player was recently heard commenting about her husband having installed a noise-making siren on their car, designed to scare kangaroos away.

He installed it backwards and now they're constantly being chased by lots of them.

nAT this stage of the season the pressure is on other teams with Video Ezy, 7 points ahead in A grade.

The AR1 table has Westlawn on top of the ladder with Albion Angels; 8 behind. In AR2 the Barbarians and Demons Scotts are battling it out on top with 3 points between them.

Sailors Hawks has 5 points over Kylies Kasuals in B Grade while McAuley Gold and Grafton High Angels are coming first and second respectively in C grade.

At this stage of the season with some teams showing terrific improvement, movement is expected on the points table.

nTHREE players wowed the crowds with hat tricks this week B Cropper, J Cooper and N Want.

The planets have been in alignment for Narelle, 'Dulcie', Want, following the purchase of her new stick.

Since making its debut, Dulcie and, 'Magic Stick', have scored two hat-tricks in a week ? love your work.

nWHY not impress your friends with a new magic trick ? show them how you can levitate birds.

nPUT a smiley face on your calendar for Sunday, August 14, for the Demons Carnival.

nONE hockey-playing mum recently bought some bike riding lessons for her son. She could only afford half, so now he rides a unicycle.

nOUR sponsors this week are Craig Want Plumbing and Reece Plumbing Supplies.

Why not get your pipes seen to by Craig before you go shopping at Reece.

Happy Hockey.

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