Womens hockey

ROUND 8 of the Westlawn Finance Women's Competition saw 15 games played with some; closer than Ken and Barbie on a good day.

Grafton High Dees and Avros played a 2 all draw with E. Munro, S. McFarlane, A. Freeman and A. Wren making any impact in attack.

The South Sharks and Grafton High Angels 1-1 encounter, saw B. Gardiner and D. Bebbington, getting on the score-card also.

To the other extreme, Demons Green came away with a 7-0 win over South1 in A grade, with Janine Duroux's an Aleisha Johnson's 2 goals a piece making a definite difference for Demons.

nHAVE you ever wondered how they get the koalas to cross at those signs on the highway?

nONE of the most important ingredients required to, 'bake,' the good hockey, 'cake,' is the umpire.

The umpire brings all of the ingredients together just like the egg in your muffin mix. If you love a good muffin and your hockey, be sure to show our much needed umpires common courtesy and respect.

Many thanks go out to them.

Could umpires for last year's grand finals please return the pink shirts to Cheryl Kinnane.

nIS there a certain amount of irony in self-help groups?

nA BIG thank you goes out to Helen Ramsey Accounting from the McAuley Hockey Club for sponsoring some team shirts -- love your work Helen.

nHAVE you ever wondered who closes the bus door after the driver gets out?

nTHE countdown for the Vets Carnival -- July 29 to 31 has started.

If you're interested in coaching one of the teams in what promises to be a terrific event, please contact Chris Mathes.

All new players are required to give a license or passport photo to Chris Danvers as soon as possible.

nYOU know, if Barbie was so popular, why did we have to buy her friends?

nCOULD clubs please get team information for the association web site to Bruce Carle?

nOUR terrific sponsors on board this week are L J Hooker and Eagle Boys Pizza.

Why not buy Nan that cute little unit she's been looking at and then invite the family around for a party with a pizza.

? Happy hockey.

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