Women's hockey

IT was busier than a bucket of bees last week for the seniors with 17 games being played and the commencement of the Westlawn Finance Competition.

THERE were some standout games last week with Westlawn getting it together with a 10-0 win over Grafton High Reds and two players racking up hat-tricks in the process H Chapman (4) and A Goodwin (3).

Demons Green and Video Ezy had a tighter than Tom Jones' trousers tussle in A grade with N Pelty and A Day's goals resulting in a 1-all draw.

OUR Star of the Week goes to Joan W whose age can't be revealed but let's say that she doesn't get to many 21sts any more.

Joan has never played any organized sport before last year when she took up hockey. She is happily riding high on the hockey horse, getting involved and having a ball.

If there are any other, 'Joans,' out there; why not give it a go too?

NOW to money matters, the finance committee, as directed by hockey NSW require an installment of fees by April 23. Seniors are required to pay $20, Under-18s $10 and Under-9s; $5.

Team managers are to submit these fees into the white box, located near the duty table, by the due date.

This fee is deducted from the remainder of the registration fee. Players are not eligible to get a refund of fees after May 14.

Representative players are to pay $50 deposit to team managers one week after selection.

SPEAKING of money, have you ever wondered how much money the takeaway food chains could make if they had a promotion and instead of giving away children's toys, they tried adults' toys instead?

IF any players have some thoughts about trophies for the grand finals could they please contact the finance committee.

BUCKETS of brownie points go to the teams who brought in the nets from the last games on grass on the weekend.

Margy, 'I'll bring the dip,' Hopkins; our registrar, requires clubs to submit their finalized lists of players and a list of each club's top 11 players to her by April 26.

MANY thanks go the people who are working behind the scenes to run the show so that we can have a game.

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