Yellow crazy ants are high on the hit list


THE COLONIES of yellow crazy ants on Goodwood Island will be gone by the end of next month, if the eradication program goes to plan.

It was expected the ants would be exterminated by early November when baits were set but two more nests of the insects, which are capable of blinding humans, were detected during surveillance in early December.

Department of Primary Industries (DPI) animal, plant and biosecurity director Bruce Christie said a different bait had to be used for the new nests which were in rocks close to the water.

"We have two types of baits and the one we use on nests which aren't too close to the water works very quickly but the other one ... doesn't kill them off in a hurry and usually takes about three months," Mr Christie said.

"All the ants away from the water have been treated with baits regularly and their activity has dropped off."

Mr Christie said the new ants were baited as soon as they were discovered.

"At this stage things are going to plan but there are still ants in that rock area and we'll continue to bait those ants around the wharf."

Surveillance of the colonies would be increased this month with traps set every 20 metres for 100 metres around the nests and every 100 metres for the next 500 metres.

"We'll make sure baits are scattered all around the area," he said.

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