LAST Saturday was an extremely hot day for any sport, it didn't look like the last month of winter.

So all players must remember to keep their fluid intake up, so drinking lots of water is a must.

PLEASE parents, coaches and spectators be careful as to what is said around the young umpires, especially in the 12.30 timeslot, these young girls are trying really hard, as when people upset them they don't want to come back. Encouragement and support is what is needed.

THIS Saturday night is our representative dinner, at 6.30pm.

This will be held in the upstairs room Grafton District Services Club. Cost is $15 a head, please make sure your money and numbers are in to your manager this Saturday, as we need to know how many are attending.

THIS Sunday Grafton Netball is holding the first round of State League.

We have two teams one in both division 1 and 2, we wish them a good day of netball and hope they do extremely well.

THIS week's canteen duty is 11.30 URB Coutts 12.30 City Drama Queens 1.30 URB Oddshots and 2.30 URB Eclectics.

Please make sure you are available for your turn.

A netball carnival will be held on August 14 for ages 10-15 and a open divi- sion as well, if you would like your team entered, please put your name down at control on Saturday.

Don't forget you will need to supply your own umpire for the whole day. We have quite a few teams entered already so it should be a great day.

FINALS begin on September 3 so netball will be hotting up with only four weeks to go, so there should be some great netball played.

NEXT council meeting August 15 at 7pm.

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