WELCOME to another week of netball, hopefully the weather will keep holding on for us, making the Saturdays great for netball know that winter has hit us.

nPLEASE remember the umpires that are at the 12.30pm timeslot are learner umpires that are trying their best to do their job properly.

Hopefully after a few weeks they will all get the hang of it.

If you have any dramas with the umpiring please contact control and ask for Sue Nowak, who is the umpires convener.

nI SEE lots of smiling children and adults every Saturday, I hope it continues that everyone keeps enjoying the game of netball.

nPLEASE check your canteen duty for this week is 11.30 GPS Wild Cats, 12.30 GPS URB Cheeky Chicks, 1.30 URB Psychos AND 2.30 URB Jittabugz, if it is your turn please make sure you are available.

nTHE rubbish again, is a problem, please put rubbish in the bin.

nFOR the 17s and 19s, it is only nine days until you head off to State championships at Maitland.

For the 17s they have 15 games over the long weekend in June in Division two while the 19s are in Championship Division and they have 18 games.

Please everyone, money needs to be finalised this Saturday at netball. If you havent paid your $18 for the Fri night game then please do so this weekend.

This Sunday at 5pm is a training game between the 17s and 19s.

Coaches Kerry and Julie ask that all players be in attendance.

nTHE 12, 13, 14 and 15 year representative teams are off to Casino carnival this Sunday, Have fun and good luck.

nTHE survey that was put in place over the last two weeks to see about playing on the asphalt or back on grass and seeing about the rings for mods and junior mods the results will be tabled at the next council meeting and decisions will be made, please come along and be heard.

nNEXT council meeting is on June 20 at 7pm. If you are seeking information about Grafton Netball please come to the meeting or control on Saturday so we can dis- cuss it with you.

Cane toad breeding set to explode in Lower Clarence

Cane toad breeding set to explode in Lower Clarence

Rain over the weekend could bring a spike in cane toads

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