Jojo Newby

'Appalling' state of intersection stirs up Simmons

THE APPALLING state of an intersection at the southern entrance to Maclean has forced a Clarence Valley councillor to take a stand.

At Tuesday's meeting Cr Jim Simmons told his fellow councillors he will routinely vote against works reports presented to council until the intersection of Cameron and Jubilee streets is repaired.

He described the intersection, which is the turn-off to Hillcrest, as a disgrace and has been for a number of years.

Cr Simmons said the state of the intersection had been aired at the last two public meetings in Maclean to discuss the council's operational plan and budget.

"They've done nothing about it," he said. "It's reached the stage where my frustration with council makes this the only option."

Cr Simmons said the council's plan to "manage" the situation until the Pacific Highway upgrade re-directed traffic away from the trouble spot, was not good enough.

"How many years will people have to put up with this before it's fixed?" he said.

"People are still dealing with the mess at the moment."

Clarence Valley Mayor Richie Williamson said he had no trouble with Cr Simmons's stand.

"He's well within his rights to do what he did last night," the Mayor said.

"He's been bringing that bit of the road to our attention for some time now."

Cr Williamson said council could not afford to make the repairs on a section of road that will be made redundant once the highway upgrade goes through.

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