Apple campaign aims to inspire creativity

WHAT do you use your iPad for?

When the tablet launched, just under five years ago, some functions were obvious, like watching video, checking email, listening to music, reading books.

More recently it's also become apparent that there's another purpose - to inspire.

That's never been clearer than right now, with a focus on Start Something New, a campaign that's all over the Apple website and in Apple stores. It aims to prove that the company's gadgets matched with the right apps can be a potent force for creativity.

Apple commissioned a dozen artists to create stuff using Apple Macs, iPads and iPhones, and the results are remarkable. Even better, they're intriguing enough to encourage the rest of us to have a go, too.

One of the most striking is the artwork by Nomoco who used the iPad Air 2 and the painting app, Brushes Redux, to create haunting images which benefit from the smudgy, rough-edged feel that painting with your fingers can achieve.

The Redux in the title indicates it's the new version of the Brushes app, re-designed for the latest operating software, iOS 8. Not only are the results enjoyable, you can even replay your creativity, stroke by stroke.

British painter Roz Hall, who also featured in the campaign, said he had recently used Procreate in conjunction with his iPad Air 2, and the portability of the iPad means he can start a project wherever he is, and doesn't even need a studio.


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