Are drugs rife within trucking?

A CURRENT Affair have done it again, putting hard working Aussie truckies off side by "sensationalising" a story about a truck driver smoking ice.

But the story does raise the question are there a large amount of truck drivers still using drugs to combat fatigue?

The comments flowed freely on Facebook after the show aired on Monday night showing a video of a truck driver in the cab of his truck smoking ice in a pipe while saying "fatigue about to be managed, get it into ya".

One of the comments on Facebook said "gives new meaning to ice road truckers"

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Another truck driver interviewed called Simon Green said he worked at the same company with the driver in the video and also smoked ice to manage fatigue before being taken off the road when he was caught by NSW police for smoking cannabis and driving.

He stated in the ACA interview that taking drugs was "rampant" in the transport industry among "rouge" drivers.

Simon suggested that 10% of truckies were using illicit substances, while the police officer ACA interviewed said one in 12 drivers tested positive.

ACA went onto show footage of smashed trucks - suggesting that drugs caused these crashes.

Simon said drivers would have a "party" on the drugs by smoking, drinking or snorting it before driving 12 hours and then having another "go at it".

Is what Simon says right?  Answer our anonymous poll now and let us know if you take drugs to combat fatigue.


Are truckies taking drugs to combat fatigue?

This poll ended on 21 March 2015.

Current Results

I'm a truckie that takes drugs or know someone that takes drugs while driving trucks to combat fatigue.


I'm a truckie that takes drugs or knows someone that takes drugs, but not to combat fatigue.


Fatigue is a big problem drugs would help me, but I don't take them.


It doesn't matter how tired you feel, you should not take drugs.


I am not a truckie however I think that a large proportion of truckies are using drugs on the road.


I am not a truckie however I don't think that a large proportion of truckies are using drugs on the road.


I think that the proportion of truckies using drugs is the same as the rest of the drivers on the road.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


See the video here.

Police are now investigating the man in the video.

Read more in the next edition of Big Rigs and don't forget to leave us a comment - we'll feature some in the next edition too.

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