One of the world's most famous police departments has accepted New Zealand Police's 'running man' challenge, posting a video on Facebook of themselves dancing with school kids.

The New York Police Department shared the video in response to a challenge laid down on Wednesday, when a group of Kiwi cops posted a video of themselves doing the running-man, a late 80s dance move, on Facebook.

In the video, a group of NYPD cops share the dancefloor - a path alongside the Hudson River - with a group of kids from a Brooklyn school.

The Kiwi video, posted yesterday on the NZ Police Recruitment Facebook page immediately went viral, and today had been viewed 4.4 million times.

The Kiwi cops challenged other police around the world, including the NYPD, Victoria Police, NSW Police Force, Western Australia Police, Queensland Police Service, South Australia Police, ACT Policing, Tasmania Police, LAPD Headquarters, and Isles of Scilly Police to make their own dancing man video.

But some Kiwis had doubts about whether the Aussies would join the challenge.

Davina Ong wrote: Pretty sure Aussie police would get in trouble... they got in trouble for helping a lady change a tyre!

Eric Tom added: Even a Maori police officer working for the Gold Coast police force got in trouble when he joined a flash mob haka

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