The man was arrested within 15 minutes.
The man was arrested within 15 minutes. tommaso79

ARRESTED IN 15 MINUTES: dramatic end at Clarence Valley home

"PUT it down. Put the f---ing knife down."  

This was the culmination to a dramatic break-in at a Waterview Heights property on Friday morning, which began with a smart phone alert from the property's security system just 15 minutes earlier.  

The property owner, who was travelling interstate and who wants to remain anonymous, watched in horror as his security system relayed images to his mobile phone of a man brazenly breaking into his house and rummaging through his belongings.  

His horror turned to relief less than 15 minutes later as his phone screen showed two police pushing a handcuffed man out of his house.  

"They were truly amazing," the man said. "The house was empty and I was staying interstate.  

"At 1.46am on Friday, I received an alert on my phone from my alarm system.  

"It took me about a minute to wake up properly, but by 1.47am I was watching someone break into my house, go through my things and put my stuff in his pockets."  

The man said he called Grafton Police Station by 1.49am and told them someone had broken into his property while he was away.  

"They put me on speaker phone so the two officers could hear what I was saying," he said.

 "They got me to say the address of my property and repeat it a couple of times. Then they were on their way.  

"It's pretty amazing. It's about 10km out there and they got there in less than 10 minutes."  

While police raced to the scene, the property owner was able to watch the man walk into his living room, flash his torch at the security camera and look straight into the lens.  

He then picked up an envelope and stuffed it into his pocket before walking out of the room.  

A few minutes later the lights from a car flashed through the room and two police officers entered.  

A male officer checked out the living room, while a female police officer could be heard warning police were on the premises and anyone there should lie down.  

Soon after the female officer's voice could be heard shouting at the offender to drop a knife.  

At 2.01am the video briefly showed a man, coughing and handcuffed between the two officers being led from the house.  

A South Grafton man, 42, has been charged with five offences and appeared in Grafton Local Court on Friday, where he was refused bail.  

He has been charged with aggravated break and enter, using a weapon to prevent lawful apprehension, resisting police, possessing unlawfully obtained goods ($1245 cash) and a special charge of having a previous conviction for breaking and entering.  

His case has been adjourned until July 3.  

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