Editorial - Tuesday, December 3: Arson must be stopped

IT'S with bitter disappointment that we have to, once again, report on some deliberately lit fires.

And judging by the reaction on social networking the community feels the same anger over the senseless act.

First See Park was targeted last week, then on Sunday the clubhouse of the Grafton Ghosts fell victim to suspected arson.

It beggars belief that our much-loved and much-appreciated facilities should be a target for this selfish behaviour.

Parks around Grafton seem to be the target of vandals every other weekend and my big fear is, should the cost continue to burden the local authority it may be impossible to maintain as many.

In other words, the actions of a few cretins could ruin it for a great many.

Of course, this only takes into consideration the loss of facilities. More concerning than that is the potential danger to human life and limb.

Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you report any suspicious behaviour in the hope we can track down these arsonists.

Jenna Cairney

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