ARTEFACTS: Celebrating the Clarence

Collection Highlight

Gladys O'GRADY (1894 - 1985)

Gladys O’GRADY (1894 – 1985), Rainbow Lorikeets, Watercolour on paper, 42 x 59cm, Gift of Doris O’Grady, 1988, O’Grady Collection
Gladys O’GRADY (1894 – 1985), Rainbow Lorikeets, Watercolour on paper, 42 x 59cm, Gift of Doris O’Grady, 1988, O’Grady Collection

Rainbow Lorikeets
Watercolour on paper
42 x 59cm
Gift of Doris O'Grady 1988
O'Grady Collection

In 1988 Doris O'Grady gave a huge collection of artworks by herself and her sister Gladys to the new Grafton Regional Gallery. 'Rainbow Lorikeets' is always popular due to the artist's animated portrayal of these noisy sociable birds that are well known in the valley. They are currently feasting on many native blossoms in their usual raucous style.

Rainbow lorikeets are found in coastal regions along northern and eastern Australia. These colourful parrots are usually in fast-moving flocks that roost together at dusk. Their noise lets us know they are around. They forage on flowers for nectar and pollen and also eat fruit, seeds and some insects.

Gladys O'Grady captured the essence of the Rainbow Lorikeet by placing them in their environment, painting their colours and showing their non-stop activity. You can almost hear the constant chatter of these brightly coloured birds.



Tulli Stevens, Marlanya
Tulli Stevens, Marlanya "Continue, keep on", 2020, acrylic and paint pens on canvas, Courtesy of the artist.

This is the last week to see the 2020 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award (JADA). The JADA is the gallery's flagship biennial art prize graciously sponsored by the Friends of Grafton Gallery and continues to celebrate Australian contemporary drawing at its finest.

The JADA celebrates drawing in all its forms. From the expressive and the abstract, to the hyper-realism that is beyond belief, the works evoke a poetic and emotional response to our environment and the human condition. Many of the finalist's selected question and challenge the notion of the traditional drawing, while others provide a contemporary perspective and reinvigorate those traditions.

This year that tradition of excellence continues with 56 artists selected from a record 659 entries for the exhibition which will continue its touring legacy, travelling to communities across Australia promoting contemporary drawing to regional audiences for the next two years.



Grafton Regional Gallery invites local artists, art students, makers, creatives and the art curious, to make their mark on the new gallery by contributing to Our Place: Celebrating the Clarence. Participants of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to share their experiences of the region through any medium on canvas boards supplied by the gallery. 

To be included in Our Place: Celebrating the Clarence artists must return their finished canvas boards to the gallery between 9.00am and 4.00pm Wednesday 20th to Friday 21st January 2021. Any interested artists are asked to collect a canvas board from the gallery during opening hours, 10.00am and 3.00pm, 16 November 2020 - 24 December 2020.


Out and About

Lismore Regional Gallery - 2020 Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize

The 2020 Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize is a national portrait prize open to any media. 2020 judge, Abdul Abdullah, named Antoinette O'Brien as the winner of the $10,000 acquisitive prize, for her portrait of Helen Deravenchecko, saying: 'The combination of ceramic elements in the work drew me into a story about memory, and how moments attach themselves to our experience.'Abdullah also recognised Michelle Dawson with a highly commendation for her portrait of the late Vera Wasowski. The exhibition will be on display until 31 January 2021.


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