Julie McKenzie’s Angourie Paperbarks is part of the Lower Clarence Arts & Crafts Association’s anniversary exhibition exploring the Lower Clarence landscape.
Julie McKenzie’s Angourie Paperbarks is part of the Lower Clarence Arts & Crafts Association’s anniversary exhibition exploring the Lower Clarence landscape.

ARTEFACTS: Showcasing Lower Clarence talents

FIVE new exhibitions are opening next week from 10am Tuesday (May 10) at the Grafton Regional Gallery. Two exhibitions open on Tuesday in Prentice House. The second exhibition of the Lower Clarence Community Collection of Fine Arts is presenting the acquisitions to this collection since 2004. This is one of four exhibitions celebrating the 50 years of the Lower Clarence Arts and Crafts Association (LCACA) presented by the gallery. Sensations – accessing the collection opens in Prentice West. This multi-sensory display presents artwork through sound and touch.

From Wednesday the remaining exhibitions will open. The artists of the Lower Clarence Arts and Crafts Association are to present an exhibition based around the landscapes of the Lower Clarence in LCACA Jubilee, the third celebratory exhibition.

Seelands-based artist, Rochelle Summerfield, is presenting a solo exhibition, Indicators Show Depth, to explore the natural environment of the Clarence Valley using the female body. Through a combination of mixed media the artist investigates how identity is bound to the natural world.

The New School of Arts Preschool is presenting Our Grafton in our community exhibition space.

The official opening for these new exhibitions and the Kapow Street Art Project is being held at 11am next Friday, May 13, at the gallery. All members of the public are kindly invited to attend. Morning tea is to be served.

The Lower Clarence artists are travelling up for the opening and the President of the LCACA, Jenny Thomas, curator and artist Malcolm King, artist Rochelle Summerfield and co-ordinator of the Kapow Street Art Project, Pamela Denise, will be the guest speakers.

Evening of Aboriginal Culture

This Friday from 4.15pm to 7pm there is a unique evening of the culture of Aboriginal Australia at the South Grafton High School hall. The evening starts with the opening of the bush tucker garden created by Angela Beshaw. This is followed by art, dance, song, drama, musical performance and a three course meal organised by Ellie Lucas.

Angela Beshaw and Ellie Lucas are to present the evening as part of their Higher School Certificate Aboriginal Studies.

The Elders Book Project

Local Aboriginal woman Dale Roberts has been working with some of the Northern Rivers’ most respected Elders for more than two years, recording their stories before they are lost.

The book, called Our Way Stories, will produce a lasting legacy celebrating their life stories and passing on valuable knowledge to future generations.

Arts Northern Rivers secured funding from Arts NSW that has enabled Dale to spend eight months capturing the Elder’s stories. Now funding is needed to publish the book.

This week The Elders Book Project crowdfunding campaign was launched on Pozible to cover the $13,500 printing and publication costs of the 120-page large format book. It is hoped that the book will be launched at the 2016 Byron Writers Festival.

You can support The Elders Book Project or pre purchase a copy of Our Way Stories at http://pozi.be/eldersbook

Arts NSW Grants Open

Arts NSW is visiting the Northern Rivers to answer your questions about the Arts and Cultural Development Program — the NSW Government’s major grants program for arts and culture. Senior Program Officer (Regional Arts, Music and Multi-Arts) Kirsty Brown and Program Support Officer (Major Performing Arts, Theatre & Dance) Amelia Carew-Reid, will cover what Arts NSW do, who they are, types of grants available and tips for a successful application. They will also include time for questions and answers.

Arts NSW invites you to learn more about its grants including Arts and Cultural Projects, Young Regional Artists Scholarships, Regional Capital, Regional Partnerships and annual funding rounds by attending one of the following information sessions.

The two sessions to be presented are on tomorrow at 10am at the Byron Bay Community Centre and at 1.30pm at the Lismore City Hall. Information on all the grants is on the Arts NSW website.

Rural Architecture

If you know of great buildings including houses, sheds, barns and cattle yards please let the gallery know by either phone or email. Iconic rural structures of the Clarence Valley are being sought to create a photographic exhibition of rural architecture.

Focus on Rona Green

Students from the Clarence Valley Anglican School are visiting the gallery tomorrow to continue their study of the prints of Rona Green that are on display in our Loft Gallery.

The exhibition called ‘You can dress them up, but you can’t take them out’ takes a cheeky approach to the expression of identity.

The artist uses a popular graphic style to explore how the body is a vehicle for telling stories by the use of transformative devices such as body decoration, mainly tattoos, and anthropomorphism.

The hybrid characters are people with animal heads – usually dogs and birds – sporting an array of unusual tattoos. The characters wear their past.

The artist is championing idiosyncrasy and individuality.

Opening Hours

The Grafton Regional Gallery, a cultural service of the Clarence Valley Council, is open 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday. The gallery’s restaurant, Rosearia, is open 11am to 2pm for lunch and from 6pm to 9pm for dinner. Reservations can be made on 6642 4888.

Cop used excessive force on naked teenager

premium_icon Cop used excessive force on naked teenager

Commission findings handed down on violent teen arrest

Eat with the beats, bang your head and channel Fleetwood Mac

Eat with the beats, bang your head and channel Fleetwood Mac

Big weekend of live entertainment in store

Winter dry not over yet for Valley farmers

Winter dry not over yet for Valley farmers

The rain comes as welcome relief, but is it enough?

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