OPINION: Artist trades inner city for country cottage

OPINION: The Big River Reveal, with Bernadette Trela, The DEX Columnist.

THE Big River Reveal: a brief and breezy look at life and times in the Clarence.

It was time for a Tree/River/Sky/Sea Change.

Too many years of inner-city life to mention, can produce a cocoon-like existence.

Limitations, restrictions and change often inform decisions to leave a city and head for the valleys, coasts and hills.

Breaking out and coming back to the country can be challenging and exciting. Resourcefulness is a trait called for and many up this way have buckets of it.

Last year, after a series of events left undescribed, I bought a 100-year-old worker's cottage with acreage. A popular internet site and equally popular Realtor assisted.

Fantastic neighbours advise and provide miniature horses, sheep, kangaroos and ducks, hens and cattle dogs in this domain.

I'm reeling in the visual beauty many artists crave.

Born and raised very nicely in Grafton, I was one of many, who choose to take the leap to the big smoke, leaving behind parents who pined but got to go further afield to find what we are looking for.

I took on an inner-city life to rival the best. Many country people embrace city life and become more city than most city siders.

A few years of finding my feet and then it was art school, university, bread-and-butter jobs in restaurants, art galleries, the art crowd and some world travel to boot!

As I embark on a new adventure of discovery in Grafton and the Clarence it will be fun to share it on a fortnightly basis. So join me for the Big River Reveal every second Monday. I'd love your company.

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