One of the ‘pieces’ at Grafton Glass before it was painted over. The artist who painted this also did work on the Big Brother set, according to a fellow artist.
One of the ‘pieces’ at Grafton Glass before it was painted over. The artist who painted this also did work on the Big Brother set, according to a fellow artist.

Artwork painted over

ARTWORK commissioned by Grafton Glass on the shop’s Bacon Street wall has been painted over at the request of the landlord.

The site will be available for lease when Grafton Glass vacates the premises in April and, according to landlord Cathy Denehy, the graffiti was putting off potential lessees.

“We asked for the wall to be repainted and restored to its original condition for re-leasing,” Ms Denehy said.

Ms Denehy asked not to be quoted any further.

Co-owner of Grafton Glass Craig Blandford said he was disappointed the art had to be painted over.

“We feel it’s to the detriment of Grafton, to young people and their art,” Mr Blandford said.

“There’s an outlet there, it’s on the road to school and since it’s been put up there’s been a respect there and no-one’s defaced it.”

Mr Blandford said he was approached by the mother of a young South Grafton artist to have the artwork done for free.

“We’d had problems in the past with vandalism on the walls ... a lot of swear words and undesirable drawings so we took the opportunity to have the artwork done.”

Mr Blandford said he had received only positive feedback about the move, and the work had caused a lot of interest in the community, especially from young people.

In an article in The Daily Examiner on November 5, Mr Blandford, who had recently had the work done, said he feared the pieces would be defaced. He said last week he was pleasantly surprised this did not occur.

The works were created by several artists including two South Grafton youths who go by the names Seenow and Merka.

Seenow, whose real name has been withheld at his request, expressed his dismay in a letter to the editor on Page 10 today.

“The graffiti mural we put up has been covered by disgusting yellow paint,” Seenow said.

“It made no sense to me.

“When you walk down the street, what would you rather look at? A nice big colourful mural, or a badly painted blank wall? What we do is art, not random vandalism – so please open your eyes people.”

Seenow expressed disappointment there was not an allocated space for graffiti artists to express themselves in the Clarence Valley as there were in several other North Coast towns.

“We aren’t out to harm anyone,” he said. “We just want to do our art. So it’s a great thing to be able to get commission jobs.

“But when they get rolled over for no reason it’s just plain stupid. We don’t put the hours into our work for them just to get done over.”

The Daily Examiner noticed the artwork being painted over on Australia Day.

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