Asbestos watch at Baryulgil quarry

TESTS have found traces of asbestos in a gravel quarry near Baryulgil.

Samples taken recently at the Ewingar quarry showed the presence of asbestos.

Mayor Richie Williamson said the Clarence Valley Council was aware of the test results and precautions were being put into place.

“A program of works is been undertaken immediately to minimise risks of harm to people working and travelling near the asbestos-containing materials,” he said.

“The council has been aware that asbestos occurs naturally in the area and one of the bridge reconstruction projects recently undertaken encountered asbestos, which then required the careful management of that part of the reconstruction.”

Further site testing of the material and air-borne particle testing is being undertaken to determine the extent of asbestos material and the health risks associated with the exposed fibres.

Baryulgil resident Gary Brown said the exposed asbestos was a great concern to the community.

“It is a great concern that the rocks are there and exposed to anyone,” he said.

“The area affected should be covered with concrete rather than gravel so it doesn’t wash away with rain and come into contact with people.”

Council has discontinued the use of the material in the Ewingar quarry to minimise health risks to residents, staff and visitors.

Steps have been taken to seal the gravel containing asbestos.

Council is taking advice on the most appropriate measures to address the risks posed by the asbestos.

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