Jury hears assault allegations

A JURY in District Court at Grafton has heard how a trio of men ignored the pleas for help of a man with a broken leg, walked into his house, poured themselves drinks, savagely assaulted him and then stole his car.

The trial of Robert Kingsley Corowa, 27, of Banora Point, continued yesterday with the victim, Raymond McMaster, of Sandy Beach, in the witness box for the entire day.

Corowa is facing charges of assault with intent to rob and inflicting actual bodily harm, stealing money and property with menaces and stealing a car.

Mr McMaster said he had been drinking and listening to music in his home on the night of August 23, 2008 when he heard a person calling his name and went outside to see what was happening.

He said he saw a dark-skinned man in his front yard and believing him to be a former work mate known to him as ‘Black Jethro’, invited him in for a drink.

Mr McMaster then told of an ordeal of violence and intimidation as two of the men beat him, stomped on his head and attempted to choke him with a sheet.

When he called for help the men left, stealing his car. He said they stole more than $200 from his wallet.

The jury also heard a recording of Mr McMaster’s 000 call, where he told the operator of his ordeal.

Defence barrister Megan Cusack cross-examined Mr McMaster questioning details of his evidence.

She pointed out some contradictions in his evidence, including a claim that a courtesy bus or maxi-taxi delivered the men to his house.

She also pointed out that in different statements to police he told different accounts of the whereabouts of his wallet after the assault.

Mr McMaster often said he could not remember, when pressed for details.

The trial continues today.

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