Ato warns: no tax return, no payments

ANYONE who fails to lodge their 2007/8 tax return before June 30 this year will miss out on the recently announced tax rebates.

That was the warning issued by the ATO which has the job of processing the billions of dollars in bonus payments.

Tax Commissioner Michael D'Ascenzo said work was under way to ensure the ATO can start paying the Australian Government's tax bonus from early April.

“At this stage we believe most eligible people won't have to do anything to receive the proposed payment,” Mr D'Ascenzo said.

“By using information in people's 2007-08 tax return we will work out who is eligible and the best way to get the payment to them.

“Most people have already lodged their 2007-08 return with us, but if you haven't, don't leave it any longer.”

The proposed tax bonus will only be paid to those who have their 2007-08 return in by June 30, 2009.

“Our e-tax service will remain available for those who want to do their own return on-line, or people should contact their tax agent.

“We will send the payment to the address or bank account people nominated as their preference for the 2007-08 tax return.

“You will get your payment faster if we have your bank account details.”

To ensure money goes into the right bank account or the cheque is delivered to the correct address in early April, people should contact the Tax Office by the middle of March if they need to change address or bank details.

“If you have not provided bank details in your return, you may provide them now so that we can pay the bonus directly to your bank account,” he said.

“If we don't have your bank details, we will send a cheque to your latest postal address.”

People can call the ATO on 1300 686 636 if they need to change or provide their details.

Those who use a tax agent may also wish to use a different address or personal bank account for this one-off payment.

“If your agent manages payments and correspondence for you, we won't necessarily have your personal bank account or postal address details.

“If you want us to make this payment into your personal bank account or send a cheque to an address other than the one you usually use through your tax agent, call us on 1300 686 636.

“Because many people use a tax agent we are working with tax agent representatives to ensure the payments process works as smoothly as possible for everyone.

“We are setting-up a working group with representatives from across the agent industry.

“We will ensure more information and updates are made available to people, including more details on our website soon.

“Of course, the arrangements we are putting in place to make the tax bonus payments are contingent on the supporting legislation passing through Parliament.”

To find out more, including eligibility and how much people are entitled to, read about the tax bonus payment at or call 1300 686 636.

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