Aussie parents coming around to Halloween celebrations

NEW research from Woolworths has found nearly nine out of ten (88%) of Australian parents claim local Halloween celebrations have become increasingly popular. 

One in four (24%) have noticed more Halloween street parties as well.

Steve Donohue, Director of Buying and Merchandise for Woolworths, said; "Whilst our research shows that three quarters of parents didn't celebrate Halloween when they were young, almost seven out of 10 households with children between five and 14 years old will celebrate the occasion next week. There is also a trend towards shaping and localising the day into an Aussie tradition for their families."

One in ten parents say they've seen people carving summer fruits like watermelon instead of pumpkins as is the tradition in the US.

"Over the past few years we've seen more and more people shopping specifically for Halloween."

"In 2016 it's expected parents will spend an average of $36 on lollies, decorations and costumes, while over half a million Aussies will make a lantern out of a pumpkin and approximately 100,000 will carve a watermelon," Donohue said.

When asked what was behind the upsurge in popularity, parents said:

  • watching the kids have fun (59%),
  • creating a stronger sense of community 25%,
  • and an opportunity to get together for a street party (22%).

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