Australian history not studied enough in our schools

AUSTRALIAN history should be studied more in school. We believe that students don't have as much knowledge on Australia's history as they should. There are more and more students leaving school without a full knowledge of our country's history.

There are lots of interesting events in our history that Australian students don't know about because of this lack of education. Most students don't even know about how our country was formed, or who the important figures in that formation were. There are many events that have occurred in our country's recent and ancient history which have helped to shape Australia into the great country it is today.

Keeping Australian history fresh in the minds of younger high school students might help them to understand how migration played such a big part in our story, and might even help to make young people more tolerant. If we realise that we are all Australians, we can move forward together.

Australian history is briefly taught in primary school in the last few years before students go to high school. But then Australian history is not taught again until students are in Year 9. This is a problem as students can forget what they learnt in primary school.

In Years 7 and 8 we are taught about world history, rather than Australian history. Although we recognise the importance of learning about the events that have shaped nations, such as wars and alliances, we feel that the two year gap means that when we get to Year 9, we have to start learning about Australian history all over again.

Our parents and grandparents know a lot more about Australian history than what we do. Older generations were taught all about the history of our country's development.

We believe that we should increase the amount of Australian history in the curriculum, as it is a very important for young Australians to understand where we have come from, in order to know where we are going. Otherwise, we might be stuck making the same mistakes that have been made in the past.

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