‘Bad policy' sank Rudd

COWPER MP Luke Hartsuyker was dealing with his own party business when Julia Gillard clinched the nation's top job.

Mr Hartsuyker – a National Party member and Opposition frontbencher – was in a Coalition party room meeting when the dramatic events unfolded not too far away in Parliament House.

“During that meeting news was relayed there was no ballot and Mr Rudd had stood down,” Mr Hartsuyker said. “I think the key thing is history has been made.

“It's the first time a sitting Prime Minister in their first term has been removed from office by their own party and it's largely come about due to policy failure.

“Extreme policy failure has the Australian people turning against this government in droves.”

Mr Hartsuyker said the home insulation scheme, the Building the Education Revolution and the “huge mining tax” were glaring examples of the Government's failures.

“This government by its actions, rather than promising to put downward pressure on the cost of living, has instead put upward pressure on it,” he said. When asked if Labor with Ms Gillard at the helm was now better placed to win the next election, Mr Hartsuyker replied: “It is the Government that has failed and that is why it is in the mess it is in. If they hadn't failed in virtually every program area they wouldn't have had this problem.”


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