Bar staff the target of abuse

A 23-YEAR-old Iluka man will have 300 hours while doing community work to reflect on a night of mayhem at a South Grafton hotel last October.

Ryan James Townsend appeared before Grafton Local Court yesterday charged with offensive language, two counts of malicious damage, larceny, common assault, intimidation and failing to leave premises, all relating to night on the town with a friend.

Police said Townsend and his friend had been warned to calm down after hotel patrons complained about their behaviour.

The warning prompted the pair to escalate their threats.

“I’ve got a knife and I’m going to kill you and your father,” he said to one of the bar staff.

He then threw a can of drink at a barman, soaking his shirt and when he was leaving the hotel he took an orange ‘5’ pool ball from the table as he left the hotel and kicked in a window.

When police arrived, they became the target of tirade of obscene abuse. He was taken to the cells in Grafton Police Station, where he ripped open the mattress in the cell. He told the supervisor that he was cold and wanted to get into the mattress.

The court heard that Townsend was well affected by alcohol.

Magistrate Kim Pogson told him that the alcohol or whatever drug he had in his system was no excuse to take it out on bar staff and patrons of the hotel.

Townsend was given 200 hours community service for the damage to the window and another 100 hours for the intimidation of bar staff. He was also fined $400 for damaging the mattress and fined $100 each for the offensive behaviour, larceny and failure to leave premises offences.

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