Barbs are No1 for 2011
Barbs are No1 for 2011 GRA Contributed

Barbarians dominate three division titles

BARBARIANS Hockey Club is still in celebration mode after claiming three grand final wins on Saturday.

The Barbs made a clean sweep of their three grand finals, to claim the C Grade consolation and C Grade flags to go with the A-Grade triumph.

Full match reports for the grand finals:

B Grade Sailors B 4 defeated Avros 0.

The game had only been going two minutes when Sailors scored off a short corner in a set play Jarrrod Greensill being the goal scorer Sailors 1 Avros 0. The ball did not venture long out of Avros half for the first few minutes and it looked like Sailors were primed and ready for a big game. This showed itself in a Sailors run away passing game resulting in a Jeremy Davies field goal in the 7th minute Sailors up 2 nil. Avros passing game continued to struggle and several attempted adventures down the wings in attack amounted to nothing it was 12 minutes in when Avros started to come alive and showed us what they were capable of with some better attacking hockey, but Sailors just raised the intensity more and were denied of a goal off a short corner. At the 13th minute a field goal was denied shortly after with Avros being awarded the ensuing penalty, in the 19th minute an Avros ball into the foot of a Sailors defender in the circle awarded them a corner but the hit went wide, no goal. Sailors appeared dangerous up the centre on the attack and no more so when some good team passing routed the Avros defence and that man Jeremy Davies was in again Sailors now up 3 zip. Things could have been worse for the hapless Avros outfit with some desperate defence from their goal-keeper Rhys Nelson and from their backs keeping out numerous chances including a Sailors short corner just before the break. Half-time Sailors up Avros down but not out.

Avros started the second half well but a short corner awarded to Sailors against the run of play resulted in no change to the score, Avros attack whilst improved was finding it tough in the Sailors circle area with a strong blue and white defensive line. At the other end 20 minutes in and Sailors Jye Reardon continued to fire salvos into the Avros circle looking for a deflection but no one around. Sixteen minutes to go and Avros would not lie down and missed a good chance when an attacker fired one in to Sailors circle but it was not connected. At the 20th minute Avros had an excellent chance and it appeared to go in but no reward then with nine minutes to go a big tackle by Avros goalie on a Sailors attacker had the umpire blow a penalty stroke. Sailors Mackenzie Davies made sure of the job Avros had certainly lifted this half but the board now read Sailors 4 Avros 0. A chance by Avros went begging in the 27th minute after a good attack along the Sailors base line, at the other end a good attacking run across the top of the circle by Graeme Felton went to a penalty corner after an Avros foot was hit by the ball. With no goal scored by the corner and less than a minute to go this game had been run and won pretty much in the first half and the second half just cemented the result that Sailors were this years B Grade Premiers with a good 4 nil win over Avros.

C Grade Barbs Plunderers 1 defeated Sailors C, 0.

Game started with Barbs busy on the back foot and Sailors on the attack but things soon settled down in the 30 degree heat and the sides evened up. Both these sides are renowned for their big hitting and we were seeing plenty of that. After the first five minutes Plunderers were finding their rhythm and pressed the Sailors circle on several occasions but 13 minutes in Sailors were awarded a short corner but with no result in their favour. The game was then going through a period of hiatus which one spectator nearby commented Boring but such was the evenness of the game neither side was getting on top of the other. Sailors came up with a short corner after a Barbs infringement and the corner sequence repeated itself numerous times till Sailors hit one high and Barbs escaped from the merry go round. Then at the 25th minute mark Plunderers Guy Shipman penetrated the Sailors circle for his team but a first strike high hit at the Sailors keeper Jason Daniels dissolved that no goal. The game then went end to end until half-time.

Second half both teams came out nothing changed till an attack by Plunderers Paul Danvers down the side and a great cross but no one home and it passed harmlessly through the circle. A foul from a Sailors player outside the circle was sent to a short corner by the umpire, Sailors had to defend twice the second one being a brilliant save by Jason Daniels. In the 13th minute a great lead up and cross from Ian Beadman found Damien Winters on the post and he dispatched it past the Sailors keeper for a great goal. Plunderers 1 Sailors 0. This would inject new life into this game with both teams increasing their attack with the ball a great attacking move from Sailors and resultant slog from the top of the circle would have been a goal if not for a brilliant save from Plunderers goalie Noel Smith. With only two minutes left on the clock an attack from Barbs resulted in a short corner when an intentional swipe of the ball over the back line by a Sailors defender. No result after a bouncing hit at goal; Plunderers were then forced into a short corner situation at their end shortly after when a similar situation occurred. With the rock who had been solid at the back was put under pressure, after a good push out the Sailors striker was unable to pounce and in the off load barbs defence made clearance and with the full-time whistle gone it was game over, Barbs Plunderers 1 Sailors 0.

C Consolation

Barbs Vikings 4 defeated Sailors Old Boys 2.

Conditions were hot and if not for mild breeze conditions would have been cruel down on grass field 3. Time for some back to '70's retro hockey at its best. Barbs immediately went on the attack and using their young front line pressured the Old Boys resulting in eventually a short corner but with no conversion. Old Boys counter attacked the Vikings circle straight after and Alf Groves missed a touch on a crossed ball, no goal. With teams evenly matched it became a real arm wrestle with several raids in both directions being closed down in play. Then in the 22nd minute a solid hit from Peter Ryder at a tight angle in the Old Boys circle went in but was disallowed and penalised. Old Boys countered shortly after with two attacks but for no reward. Then a short corner went in from Old Boys Frank Petty but it too was penalised and again no goal. Then in the 24th minute a good hit into the Old Boys circle from Vikings Mitch Kroenhert caused a Malay amongst the attack and defence resulting in Grant Cornish sneaking the ball to the right hand side of the goal passed the Old Boys keeper Craig Want. Vikings 1 Old Boys nil. Old Boys immediately went back on the attack and were unlucky a number of times. Half-time. It was then the second half and with old boys needing a goal a short corner eventually resulted and a goal appeared to be in the bag. With a high flick shot in the net but this was disallowed a penalty ensued. In the 39th minute Vikings scored when Terry Sampson cleaned up a ball deep inside the old boys circle from around the goalies feet then a free hit from outside the Old Boys circle in the 43rd minute found Dylan Keats and another goal to Vikings. The score moved to Vikings 3 Old boys 0. Shortly after Old Boys had some room to move and Dennis Greensill scored a goal for Old Boys, Vikings 3 Old Boys 1.

Then action at the other end a Vikings short corner quashed by the old boys defence, Old boys seemed to be struggling with their passing game and Viking s were capitalising on making sure the fast pace they set was maintained as it seemed to better suit their team. Within a moment as if to eat the words out of my mouth from nowhere in the 57th minute a field goal on a flat back stick from Billy Johnson on the left side of the Vikings circle made its mark, Vikings 3 Old boys 2. With full-time approaching Vikings made a raid down the left side and were to be given a short corner from and Old Boys infringement, Peter Hackett nailed the Mitch Knoenhert push with a well weighted hit into the goal after the full-time siren had sounded. Final score Barbs Vikings 4 Sailors Old Boys 2.

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