BUILDING SKILLS: Site Skills Training focuses on making sure in-demand
workers have the licences and training they need.
BUILDING SKILLS: Site Skills Training focuses on making sure in-demand workers have the licences and training they need.

Basins snap up skills

IN the Bowen and Surat Basins the LNG industry alone is forecasting demands for more than 25,000 workers and with the recent Federal Government approval for the $6.4 billion Alpha Coal project that demand will only increase.

The number of pipelined projects in the basins is such that the supporting companies cannot source enough skilled people for the jobs on offer to complete their individual commitments on time.

As a result, there is a substantial need to train and skill the region's workforce to meet the needs associated with the operational requirements.

Due to its central location and the range of major projects on its doorstep, Gladstone is becoming recognised as a potential centre of excellence for the quality delivery of training services to the Bowen and Surat Basins.

Newly established training group Site Skills Training is looking to tackle the skills shortage, having set up a facility in Gladstone along with its operations in Darwin, Perth and on the Sunshine Coast. 

Paul Dempsey, a Business Development Manager with Site Skills, said the organisation was looking to develop a series of specific train-to-task programs to tailor courses to the demands of particular companies, both in the basins and across the state.

However job losses in the construction and manufacturing industries primarily in NSW, Victoria and southeast Queensland, the question arises - how can there be a skills shortage if there are so many people losing their jobs.

"Apart from the fact that labour mobility has never been good in Australia it comes down that there are more jobs available then there are skilled people available," Mr Dempsey said.

Through alignments with recruiting companies, Site Skills Training is assisting in the sourcing, training and deployment of skilled workers into the Bowen and Surat Basins, and across Australia, focussing on compliance and high risk licence courses such as working at heights and confined spaces, plus dogging, rigging, scaffolding and workplace health and safety training.

"Companies are looking for are people with the core competencies and the skills that make them suitable for these projects," Mr Dempsey said.

"I travel across Queensland meeting with companies who are seeking skilled and semi-skilled individuals who once pre-screened in many cases need only verification of qualifications and compliance training to be suitable for their projects.

"Even with prior industry experience, many companies are still looking for individuals with the initiative to have done various High Risk Licenses and OH&S short courses.

"They see the initiative to self-skill as an indication of a driven worker."

Learn more online: visit the Site Skills Training website

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