Bearded Ben will get it off for just $300 as Movember ends

FOR eight months Ben Flavell has shampooed, conditioned and cultivated his fiery-red beard.

His fiancee even straightens it for him.

But Ben could be about to say bye to his chin-mane, should he raise more than $300 between now and Friday night.

As part of the Movember cause, a charity for men's health which encourages the cultivation of facial hair in its various forms, Ben's fellow musician Ryan Martin has been growing a mo of his own.

"I wanted to keep it, but this is for a better cause," Ben said.

"Ryan and I are doing a gig at Vines on Friday so if we raise enough money we will both shave off our facial hair."

There are pros to sporting such a brazen beard.

Apart from the attention and support it gets from his fiancee, it provides sun protection and Ben reckons it makes him that little bit more approachable.

"I'm a pretty outgoing guy but when I have my beard, people just come up to me and say: 'hey, that's a great beard!'."

But of course, there are cons too, including his mother's lack of enthusiasm for his plans to grow it back after the big shave.

"I had to get my passport photo taken earlier this year when I had a shaved face and head.

"But when I went travelling in July and had a bit of hair they kept having to do double takes of my passport."

Music starts at Vines at 139, Fitzroy St, Grafton at 5pm; book before you go.



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