More than 80% of Queensland is drought declared
More than 80% of Queensland is drought declared Max Fleet

Beef industry still makes Ekka effort despite drought

EKKA boss Brendan Christou has paid tribute to the state's beef cattle industry for heading to this year's show in big numbers despite the crippling drought affecting the state.

More than 80% of the state is drought declared and organisers feared it could have had an effect on competition numbers.

But as always the state's farmers rallied.

Mr Christou said beef cattle numbers were on par with last year among the 10,000 animals and 21,000 competition entries at this year's show.

He said farmers, especially beef cattle farmers, were a resilient lot.

"It is such a positive refection on their resolution and their resilience in coming to the show this year," he said.

"We are extremely pleased ... they are a real resilient lot given the conditions they are facing at home are particularly bad."

Mr Christou said the annual show was imperative to regional folk on a social, business and personal level.

He said this year's show meant a lot more to people from the country than previous ones.

"Regional Queenslanders head to the show each year because they can catch up with friends, family and other industry people and it is a good release for them," he said.

"Many have said they love coming to the Ekka this year because it was a good social release and escape from the realities and hardships at home, even if it is only for a few days.

"These guys are really doing it tough at the moment.

"It has never been more timely than now to rally behind our farmers and recognise that everything starts with agriculture." - APN NEWSDESK.

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