Australian singer Ben Lee
Australian singer Ben Lee

Ben Lee plays new track at Bigsound

AFTER three days enveloped in music, this year's Bigsound comes to a close with Ben Lee premiering a song from his new album.

Lee played the track 'Welcome To The World Of Musical Death' on his iPod to a packed crowd at the Judith Wright Centre.

The Australian singer, who became known at the age of 14 in his band Noise Addict, told the crowd the album, Ayahuasca Welcome To The Work is inspired by the hallucinogenic "medicine" DMT and is in the mastering phase.

The final day of the music conference and live showcase in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley wrapped up with artist Q&As starting with Clare Bowditch.

The interview with Bowditch centred around happiness; the singer-songwriter's inspiration for her latest album The Winter I Chose Happiness, released today.

Bowditch revealed her search for happiness and finding success ultimately lies in being at home in Australia, not touring the world as the industry would often suggest.

Changing the end goal of success to one of happiness for Bowditch is best done at home.

"It's good to remind artists that it's ok to do it your own way," she told industry folk.

While Bowditch encouraged artists, Melbourne musician, David Bridie expressed his concern at the sheer number of bands trying to make it in the industry in his chat.

"We're selling a dream that we all know damn well isn't going to happen for 95% of them," Bridie said.

Ian Haug, guitarist in the now defunct Powderfinger, proved even the stalwarts of the industry can awaken their creativity at Bigsound.

"I've met people here I want to work with," he said.

"I'm inspired."

Finding the key to success in the music industry isn't an easy fix, not even at the biggest music conference in Australia.

The common thread of advice for aspiring artists has been to stay true to yourself.

"We were never trying to please anyone," Haug said.

Last night's live highlights included an energetic performance from Melbourne bands Loon Lake and Electric Empire.

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