HANGING in a wall of identically sized canvases at Ferry Park, you have look closely to find Beverly Scofield’s landscape of Main Beach in Yamba.

But when you do, judge of the LCACA 8x8 competition Kerry Bowles says there is such detail and so much squeezed into a small area, it stands out from the rest.

Beverly’s oil painting was named as the winner on Friday of the now annual competition that is being presented as part of the plunge festival, and was delighted to hear her name called.

“It was quite a thrill, very exciting to win this,” Beverly said.

“It’s quite a complex painting because there’s a lot of information in there; the iconic buildings, the beach itself, the people walking along the beach.

“It was an absolute pleasure to take part in this exhibition.”

Entrants who bought an entry in the competition were given an eight inch square canvas to interpret the theme “My Place” and Suzanne Monin, who curated the exhibition for the Lower Clarence Arts and Craft Association with Penny Stuart, the open brief led to a variety of entries.

“We had more than 125 pieces of work, with everything from paintings, printings, woodwork, collage, mixed media, patchworking, needlecraft, photography and even glasswork,” Suzanne said.

“The concept is that we get as many people as we can, and have fun while we do.

“The small piece of work is non-threatening, we get people who would never present a piece of work in an exhibition will have a go at this, even though I think it’s actually quite hard to present in this size.”

The plunge festival continues until April 26.

Competition winners

Open Section

1st - Beverly Scofield.

2nd - Margot Grant

3rd - Deb Clark-Jones

HC - Maggie Parkhill, Robyn Tychsen

Junior Section

4-7 years

1st - Indiana Gell

2nd - Max Mayo

3rd - Zeke Teifler

8-11 Years

1st - Anna Jenkins

2nd - Annabel Curry

3rd - Sarah Jenkins

12-17 Years

1st - Mary Evans

2nd - Lizzie Maher

3rd - Flynn Versace

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