Beyond July: how do I really live a plastic-free life?

PLASTIC-FREE July may have sparked a few thoughts for you. When you start looking around, you start to see plastic everywhere. How do you avoid it? It becomes overwhelming pretty quickly. A typical human behaviour is to give up and put it in the "too hard basket".

We often blame the companies for over packaging, governments for not regulating. We rarely point the finger at ourselves and acknowledge our power as consumers.

We buy and then complain to each other, rather than voting with your dollar, finding better alternatives, telling companies you want improvement or they will lose your business.

Things to avoid

  • Processed food
  • Take-away food and packaging
  • Supermarket foods
  • Big chains
  • Packaged goods
  • Chemical products
  • Synthetic materials
  • Personal care products with plastic
  • Straws, plastic bags, packaging like coffee cups
  • Short-usage-life disposable plastics
  • Trinkets and small, expendable items
  • Anything new

Things that don't look like plastic often are plastic. Pick 10 items that you think is paper or fabric and on closer inspection, they are likely have plastic in them.

Things to seek and do

  • Upcycle
  • Repurpose
  • Buy second hand
  • Innovate
  • Buy direct from your famer and producer
  • Buy local
  • Know your supply chain
  • Look for organic clothing and food
  • Take the Plastic Free Challenge
  • Buy as close to the source as possible and ask for packaging free - change things with your buying power
  • Collaborate with others to reduce your use (go in on bulk buying together to reduce cost and packaging)

Philosophies/Ideals to live by

  • Many and expansive uses for things
  • Resourcefulness
  • Smart design
  • Cradle to cradle
  • Scrap your single-use behaviours
  • Love the planet
  • Consider your impact
  • Tread lightly
  • Zero waste
  • No packaging
  • Recycling is not a solution
  • Closed loop
  • Cyclical
  • Interdependence between humans, the planet and all life and systems upon it

We can work together as a community to reduce our environmental impact and preserve this piece of paradise.

As the world falls under the weight of environmental degradation and destruction, the Clarence remains relatively preserved (in a modern sense).

Australia has a small population, and the Clarence even smaller, yet we have some of the highest volunteering and community participation rates in Australia. We are the Change.

Ways you can get involved is through:

Contact Gina 0423 325 281 - Share Create Innovate

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."- Margaret Mead

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