Clarence Valley's very own Big Bang Theories

WAS it a meteorite, a meth lab, or a gunshot that sent people flocking to social media for answers?

Whatever the cause, a loud noise heard by people from Westlawn to South Grafton about 8pm on Thursday night inspired a colourful collection of big bang theories, some out of this world, proving Clarence Valley residents have vivid imaginations.

Scaring both people and their dogs, it was described as "explosion-like" and "suspicious", and people were determined to get to the bottom of it.

Ashley Jane Lee Tweedie said she thought it was thunder and lightning as there was a big bright flash with it.

She was on her back veranda in South Grafton when it happened, and said it "scared the pants off" her two-year-old.

"Sorry but I wish somebody could let us know so we all think that we aren't going insane," Angie Esau wrote on Facebook.

She suggested it could have been a spaceship landing, while Barry Odorici speculated that pirate ship 'Notorious', currently moored on the Clarence River, had let loose its cannons.

Other ideas included a car backfiring, a meteorite crashing, and a gunshot.

The explosion of a clandestine drug lab used to make meth was also suggested by a number of people who heard it.

During investigations, The Daily Examiner was told anecdotally that the commotion was over fireworks at the South Grafton Rebels complex at McKittrick Park.

South Grafton Rebels club president Ray Taunton, however, said the teams were training under lights until 7.45pm and would have been there until about 8pm.

As far as he was aware, it was not connected to the club.

Grafton Police have confirmed no incidents that could have caused the sound were reported.

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