Adam Hourigan

Biggest jacaranda tree may be a victim of fleeting fame

GRAFTON High School's claim to have Australia's biggest jacaranda tree could be short lived.

A reader from the Clarence Gorge, Neil Winters, says three trees on his property could challenge the measurements that gave the Grafton High tree the title.

Mr Winters said he did not have the ability to measure the heights and crowns of the trees, but the girths he measured were impressive.

"After reading your article about the biggest jacaranda tree, we went and measured our three trees," he said.

"At 1.5 metres above ground level the circumferences of the trees were: 4.15m, 5.7m and 6m.

"We haven't got the means to measure the crown or the height but they are very huge trees."

The co-ordinator of the National Big Tree Register, Derek McIntosh, said he had been in contact with Mr Winter and would talk him through ways of estimating the height and crowns of his trees.

"It's not always possible to get completely accurate measurements, so we put a note with the figures that they are estimates," Mr McIntosh said.

He said when Mr Winter can send him photographs of the trees he would have a better idea of their size.

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