Bikie gangs meet in Sydney

RIVAL bikies in Sydney have taken the rare step of meeting on neutral ground to stop the conflict which has made every gang member in the state a police target.

ABC television program 7.30 recorded conversations between members of the Hells Angels, Rebels, Lone Wolves, Comancheros, Nomads and Black Uhlans gangs during a meeting at a Sydney club house on Monday .

The bikie bosses reportedly talk about the recent spate of shootings in Sydney's west and the need to restore order to avoid being "bent over left, right and centre" by police, the ABC said.

One member is quoted as saying: "These people fighting over turf - there ain't going to be a turf left to fight over."

Another slams breaches of the "code of conduct", saying: "[There's] no respect mate, no respect, family members are gonna get hit, someone's wife is gonna die."

In response to the escalating violence police have set their sights on anyone associating with outlaw gangs.

Last Friday more than 1000 homes and businesses with links to gang members and associates were raided.

On Monday the state's Assistant Police Commissioner Frank Mennilli said every bikie in NSW would have been visited by police by the end of the week.

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