Bill Murray weeps as beloved Cubs win after 108 years

IT was the final out that left Hollywood icon Bill Murray in tears.

When the Chicago Cubs won the world series -- their first since 1908 -- the Ghostbusters star and Cubs fanatic was in the crowd.


The moment of his jubilation was captured by cameras around the stadium, showing him throwing his arm into the air and his cheer quickly evolving into joyful tears.


He then told ESPN that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to give students the rest of the week off school "if he's as good a mayor as he wants to be".



  • Two world wars were fought.
  • The Titanic was built, launched, sank, then immortalised in film almost a century later
  • Women in the US demanded and won the right to vote
  • Prohibition began, and later repealed.
  • Television was invented.
  • The USSR was formed, and fell apart.
  • Man landed on the moon
  • Humans reached the South Pole for the first time

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