The Bachelor contestant Eliza St John.
The Bachelor contestant Eliza St John. Channel 10

Blue rose for Richie doesn't save Eliza from Bachelor exit

SHE'LL be remembered as the bachelorette who couldn't carry a tune but gave it a go anyway, and Eliza St John is happy with that.

The Sydney actress and event  coordinator was eliminated from the reality dating show tonight, despite giving Richie a blue velvet rose as a sign of her affection.

"It was the best challenge I've ever given myself in terms of finding love," she said.

"It's a very brave thing to do and I've meet 21 other brave, beautiful, powerful women. It was an experience of a lifetime. I don't take it back for a second and I have no regrets."

Eliza's argument with Keira Maguire on the show last week saw Keira cemented as the show's 'villain', but the two women made up off camera.

"Yeah we've made up and it's water under the bridge; she's a good girl," she said.

"The girls talk about her sweet side and she does genuinely have a lovely side to her and a very nurturing side as well.

"I hope that side is shown and you can see her with Richie; she genuinely likes him."

When asked about the speculation Western Australian beauty Megan Marx might walk out on Richie in an upcoming episode, Eliza said she saw no signs of unhappiness.

"If that happens then it would definitely come as a shock to me," she said.

"She always spoke so highly of him. She was in my top picks, my top four at least. She has a huge connection with him and she's a goddess as well."

Things are looking up for the 31-year-old since her Bachelor exit. She's potentially found love with a new beau, who shall remain nameless (at least for now).

"I've met a lovely man," she said.

"It's early days but he's crazy about the queen of cray (laughs) and I'm crazy about him. It's really lovely."

She described her boyfriend as being "brilliant" while having to watch her flirt with another man on telly.

"I just said 'babe you've got to wear a mouth guard'  because there could be some cringe-worthy moments," she laughed.

"He's always very supportive."

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