Indianna Allen.
Indianna Allen.

Brave Indy keeps fighting

THE news is good for Indianna Allen, but it could be infinitely better.

The gorgeous 18-month-old girl is now in ‘end stage liver failure’ which has ironically pushed her up the national list of hopeful donor recipients.

Indianna’s mum Angela, and dad Peter, regard the news as bittersweet and are thankful their ‘cheeky little girl’ is still feeling well despite the indicators showing a deterioration of her liver.

Doctors told Peter and Angela in early March that unless a suitable Type O donor liver turned up within two months, their precious child would die.

“She’s still getting out and about and doing all the things kids do but she’s a bit more tired than she was earlier in the year ... she has more sleeps during the day,” Angela said.

“She’s a cheeky little thing, she’s starting to put words together – it’s a Godsend that she is staying how she is.

“The doctors have told us if an adult had these same numbers (liver health indicators), they’d be miserable and curled up in bed.”

Indianna suffers biliary atresia, a rare gastrointestinal disorder in newborns that destroys the ducts that carry bile from the liver to the intestine.

As the Grafton community rallies behind the family, Angela said she was overwhelmed by the support the family had received.

“There are so many good people that have come into our lives because of Indy – it just restores your faith in humanity,” Angela said.

“We can’t wait to get back there (to Grafton) for a big celebration and so people can meet Indianna and see how beautiful her spirit is.

“All the staff here (Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane) have become like another family for us. They all love Indianna and all want the same thing.”

Peter said in March that he felt helpless but was encouraged by the support.

The family is struggling financially having blown up two cars from the regular commuting between Grafton and Brisbane.

Peter, a boilermaker by trade, has had to knock back full-time work to look after the couple’s older daughter Makayla, 8, while Angela stays with Indianna in hospital for at least two days every fortnight – “she’s in for two weeks at a time if she gets sick”.

Meanwhile, Indianna’s big brother Anthony has won his first race as an apprentice jockey under John Shelton in Grafton.

Anthony, who has only 25 per cent hearing in both ears, was taken on by Shelton about 12 months ago and after completing his required 20 trial runs, has now raced in five races with a third, a second and now a first place under his belt.

“His saddle came off in his third race and he came second last,” said Angela who listened to his win on Saturday on the radio at Indianna’s bedside.

“We are just so proud of him ... I’m already organising my hat for the Melbourne Cup.”

Angela said John Shelton’s support for Anthony had been magnificent considering Anthony had not ridden a horse until two years ago.

The Allens encouraged people to officially register as organ donars on the website.

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