UPDATE 4.45PM: The woman who fell 20 metres from the Iluka Bluff cliffs is now at the Gold Coast University Hospital being treated for facial injuries and a possible fractured skull. 

The 65-year-old was transported to the Gold Coast after being winched from the rocks by the Westpac Helicopter. 

It is understood she may have fallen late last night and remained injured at the base of cliff until she was found by early morning walkers.

Local NSW Ambulance road Paramedics and Police assisted the helicopter medical team to stabilise the patient prior to being winched recovered by the chopper 

She was reportedly in a stable condition when she was transported. 


A woman has fallen from the cliff at the Iluka Bluff.

Witnesses say she hit her head on the rocks below. Emergency services were on the scene until just after 12pm.

Witnesses said in order to fall from where she did, she would have had to climb over the fence on the Iluka Bluff.

The Daily Examiner understands she was transported to the Gold Coast for treatment by the Westpac Helicopter.

The Daily Examiner is waiting on response from emergency services.

UPDATE 11.13AM: The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter has been tasked to Iluka north of Yamba with reports that a woman has fallen 20mts from a coastal cliff edge north of Iluka onto rocks.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Critical Care medical team is presently treating the female patient for head injuries.

Due to the difficult location and access its planned to recover the injured female by the helicopter winch and transport the patient to Gold Coast University Hospital.

The condition of the patient has been reported as critical.

EARLIER: IT IS understood someone is stuck at the bottom of a cliff in Iluka. 

The Daily Examiner understands the Westpac Helicopter has been dispatched to the area. 

Sources say the person has been stuck there overnight. 

More to come. 

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