Yes to McDonald's in Yamba

AS the anti-Yamba McDonald’s restaurant camp rallies support at the local markets, distributes petitions and holds a public meeting, the pro-Maccas group is swimming hard to keep up with the tide of resistance to the development.

The creator of the Say Yes to McDonald’s Facebook site, ‘Brendan’ said the idea was both a reaction to the Say No to McDonald’s site and to give people in support of the development a place to be heard.

Brendan did not want his surname printed because the community group with whom he is affiliated did not want to be seen as a supporter of the development.

“I was hoping by now that someone would stand up, put their face to the ‘say yes’ campaign, but nobody has,” Brendan said.

A Yamba business, which was also in favour of McDonald’s in the town, agreed that putting their name to the cause may offend some customers.

“I know that I will probably not shop at those businesses who are saying no to McDonald’s,” Brendan said.

He and other supporters of the site argue that a McDonald’s in Yamba would bring economic growth to the town and provide jobs for young people, as well as cheap after-hours food and competition to other food outlets.

“We don’t want to give the politicians a reason to close down Maclean Hospital,” Brendan said in defence of growth for the Lower Clarence.


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