Bringing the heat to the Clarence

Michael Luxton, 13 takes the brunt of some serious splashing after some warm ups in swim squad at the Grafton Aquatic Centre.
Michael Luxton, 13 takes the brunt of some serious splashing after some warm ups in swim squad at the Grafton Aquatic Centre. Adam Hourigan

FOR many of us the thought of waking up early to swim a quick 3-4km might keep us in bed, but 13-year-old Michael Luxton didn't need much motivation yesterday morning.

With the apparent temperature hovering near 30C all night with near 100per cent humidity, he said he was extra keen to dive in to his work at the Grafton Aquatic Centre squads this morning.

And after a full day at Grafton High School in and out of air-conditioning, he said he'd been looking forward to jumping in again yesterday afternoon to repeat the dose, copping a splashing from his fellow swim mates in a photo shoot for The Daily Examiner in between sets.

"I do two mornings and two afternoons, and I was definitely looking forward to getting back in this afternoon. It was pretty hot in class except after lunch where we got in the air-con and it was like the best thing ever,” he said.

"The pool is the best thing on a hot day, even if you're doing laps with Al (instructor Alan Paterson).”

With temperatures forecast to reach 39C today he won't have that trouble getting cool, as Grafton High hold their annual swimming carnival, and despite the carnival atmosphere that exists, Michael said he was looking forward to some good swims.

"I'll be taking it a bit serious, even though others don't, I've made it to state last year for a few relays, so it'll be good,” he said.

Duty forecaster for the Bureau of Meteorology Mohammed Nabi said the temperatures were due to a band of high pressure sitting over the state.

"In the summer it is typical for the high pressure to sit over the state for several days, and then a cold front comes through with cooler air,” he said.

"For the last several years, we're in this pattern where the high pressure system is just a bit too strong for the front to make its way across the northeast, and by the time the front gets north of the Hunter it peters out and places like Grafton have this continuous warm air with a lot more humidity.”

Mr Nabi said the heat will continue for several days, and temperatures remaining in the mid-30s all week.

"Any rain that the area gets will probably be will from thunderstorms, which is a hit-and-miss scenario,” he said.

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