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Brisbane deserted: Scenes at Christmas

Brisbane deserted
Brisbane deserted

Indooroopilly in Brisbane City
Streets so green, air clean
Birds call with the morning light
Eyes squint through midday bright

The suburb is quiet, undisturbed
Security systems on to prevent theft, owners left
Holidays are had up or down the coast
Those left behind feel like a ghost

Nature on show, red Christmas bows
Decorations left behind, newspapers to collect, please remind
Bins empty, scattered on street verges
Purple stains of a fruit bat mark mulberry purges

Birds seem louder, trees stand prouder
Here comes the rain, leaves choking stormwater drains
Brisbane is at its best when people go away
Street exploration, undisturbed without stopping for "G'day"

'Celebrate the country we are today'

John Shearer from the Aboriginal Men's Group doesn't want the date of Australia Day to change because he feels the past should be left in the past and we should focus on the present.

One man's quest to make Australia Day positive for everyone

GOTCHA: Residents have speeders in their sights

Ryan Brown is fed up with how fast trucks and cars are going through Ulmarra, so he has bought a speed gun to see how fast they are going.

Group purchase speed radar gun to gather proof of speeding

Today show to visit Ulmarra residents

A truck is lifted from the Pacific Highway near Ulmarra after it rolled early Saturday morning blocking the highway in both directions.

Campaign to fix black spots to reach national audience

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