Matthew Owen streaks ahead in a woodchop
Matthew Owen streaks ahead in a woodchop

Brothers keep tradition alive

BROTHERS Christopher and Matthew Owen have rivalry few siblings share, mainly because razor sharp axes are involved.

The pair has been competing in woodchop events for the past eight years.

It came about through the involvement of their grandfather, and family tradition that surrounds the sport.

In the Notaras and Sons Clarence River underhand woodchop championship at the Grafton Agricultural Show on Saturday, 20-year-old Christopher came out on top chopping a 10-inch log in half in just over 26 seconds, while 17-year-old Matthew came in third.

Christopher was quickly reminded, however, that his younger brother holds a world record in the woodchop, with his quickest time being a touch over 18 seconds.

“Matt has been winning over me in the last few years. I have been doing some other things though like footy,” Christopher said.

Through the sport, the boys have travelled all around Australia and hope to compete in Christchurch in New Zeeland soon.

“Both Chris and I have been a part of the Australian Under-21s team for the past two years and will go to Melbourne in September for the competition again,” Matthew said.

At the moment, the brothers will continue to follow the show circuit.

Next they will head to the Coffs Harbour Show to try their luck.

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