ABC cuts and ‘buck passing’ could hurt regional media

THE peak body for Queensland's councils has voiced concerns that regional media services will suffer due to "buck passing" between the Turnbull government and the ABC.

Those concerns have been detailed in the Local Government Association of Queensland's submission to a parliamentary inquiry into rural and regional media and broadcasting.

The LGAQ wrote that removing the "local content and flavour" of the ABC's regional and rural services would "serve to isolate regional communities".

It also decried statements from the Federal Government that a $244 million funding cut "need not lead to service changes".

Similarly, the LGAQ wrote that the ABC had said publicly there were areas where changes "would impact on the kinds of content the ABC" could "make and offer".

Already this year, $50 million in cuts had resulted in the broadcaster closing its Gladstone office and relocating its journalist to Rockhampton, the submission said.

The LGAQ said it hoped the parliamentary inquiry would help to ensure funding for the ABC's services to regional Australia was "placed on a more certain footing".

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