FEB 4, EDITORIAL: Budget is sliced thinly

"Any government’s budget is not like Norman Lindsay’s The Magic Pudding, it can’t be sliced up endlessly." Warren Lynam

FEB 4, EDITORIAL: STORIES published in The Daily Examiner in the past couple of days highlight a problem common to any local government area - there are many things people want or think they should have, but not every wish can be granted.

The requests launched on social media to have a different red bin rubbish service and to either ban cyclists from Lawrence Rd or do something to make it safer for all users are reasonable requests. No one would argue with that.

But just because something is reasonable doesn't mean it can be easily accommodated.

Councils have to set their priorities. The key to doing that successfully is for ratepayers to be part of the process in setting those priorities.

Any government's budget is not like Norman Lindsay's The Magic Pudding, it can't be sliced up endlessly.

As much as we would like councils (or even state and federal governments) to help fix all the problems with think they are responsible for, it is just not realistic. The way local government is being stretched by cost shifting from state level, the income they have would struggle to make a magic cupcake, let alone a pudding.

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