Aftermath of Ramornie fire

BUSH FIRES: Lucky escape for resident from blaze

WHEN the fire burning in Ramornie ripped through his neighbour's property, Jason Robinson knew it could end in disaster.

Not able to return home for most of the night, Mr Robinson spent the night with family sitting on the highway, watching the bush near his house burn.

When they did return, they were met with a thick blanket of smoke and the scorched ground leading right up to their property.

But thankfully for them, the fire had made it's way around their property, burning the ground beside their drive way, not jumping to their home.

Yesterday morning, after the worst of the fire had moved on, Mr Robinson was forced to call the fire brigade back when the dry grass caught alight once again.

Mr Robinson said his neighbour's house was threatened by the fire, with his shed being destroyed and a number of cars he was working on burning.

"The fires came through Wednesday afternoon," he said.

"It's just absolutely gutted."

But that was a better outcome than what he thought, with his neighbour hearing that his home was razed.

"The rural firies have done an absolute stellar job, kept everything under control and everyone well informed," he said.

"Everyone has been lucky, there has been no houses lost, a couple of sheds, but no houses."

While the fire made its way around the Robinson's property, another one of his neighbours had scorch marks across their house.

When he found out about the fires, Mr Robinson was on his way home from work when his neighbour called, urging him to get home as fast as he could.

"We threw what we could in the trucks and took off," he said.

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